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In Development: Phone Cases
16 Aug 2014

And here's how we're getting on with the phone cases:

The Steampunk case has been progressing well. As this began as a
sketch, our product design team spent the early part of the design process
turning it into a 3D model. The whole piece was given depth & layers. An
early version gave it a flat base against the back of the phone, but this
proved heavier & more expensive than it needed to be, so the back was
completely hollowed out. Prototypes were done in PLA with a rough finish. The model has now been sent away to be prototyped in nylon, with a smooth finish quality.


Picture: Steampunk being printed in PLA


Picture: Steampunk with rough finish

The Seaweed case has also been prototyped in PLA and has been sent off
for nylon prototyping. There was also an issue with the camera opening in early prototypes, which has now been corrected.


Picture: Detail of Seaweed printed in PLA


Picture: 3D model of Seaweed case.

An early prototype of Gentlephone had his top-hat with pointed corners, but this was a little sore on hands taking him in & out of pockets, so we altered this to give him a bowler hat instead.

We made a prototype in PLA which worked brilliantly, but the finish is very rough. We then sent this design off to get it made in Nylon, but unfortunately due to different tolerances in the material, it is just a little too big. We have corrected this and are currently awaiting another nylon prototype.


Picture: Gentlephone with square hat & rough PLA finish


Picture: Gentlephone with bowler hat


Picture: Gentlephone Prototype

Chain mail and Comfortable Mesh were not possible to prototype in PLA, so they have been modeled up in 3D and sent away for nylon prototyping.


Picture: Chain Mail 3D model


Picture: Comfortable Mesh 3D model.

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