Lasercutting in Dublin
14 Jan 2015

We often receive enquiries for on-demand lasercutting services, so we decided we would put together a helpful list of all the places in Dublin which offer it!

1. Layer Labz

If you know layerlabz, you probably know that the founders, Alan and Rob, have designed a pretty cool FDM printer aimed at the educational market, but you may not know that they also have a lasercutting business within LayerLabz. With their extensive experience in CAD modelling, they're your men for creating custom lasercut objects, and they can also (obviously) 3d print parts too!

Location: Innovation Campus, Glasnevin Hill, Dublin 9.

2. Snow Event Design

Snow Event Design is run by husband and wife team Fiona Snow and Michael Mohler and they are located in the central Moxy Studios. They have a minimum order of €40, but they do say that in some cases (i.e. students) they may be able to do a job at a lower price.

Location: Moxie Studios, Pembroke Row, Dublin 2

3. The Laser Company

Founded in 2004 by Philip Whyte, The Laser Company has both CO2 and Fiber Lasers, which means they can work in a number of materials. They also offer CNC Milling.

Location: 64 Cill Eanna, Raheny, Dublin 5.

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