theMuppets x MOSCHINO
13 Oct 2015

What if The Muppets modelled for MOSCHINO? This is a question we have asked ourselves many times, so we decided to explore it by illustrating MOSCHINO’s latest collaboration for the Spring/Summer 2016 season on our favourite Muppets. While not a duo that would usually sit side by side, the collection is a triumph with the pair’s aesthetics aligning seamlessly. The juxtaposition of MOSCHINO’s irreverence and theMuppets genre defining diversity creates something which refuses to be ignored.

Check out this most modern of collaborations, bringing MOSCHINO and theMuppets together in one mushed up ball of fabric, meat and fishing line!



It ain't easy being green, or so Kermit, the pig hopping frog with a talent for the banjo would have you believe. He wears a toilet scrubber inspired tiered fringe design. Kermit’s had something of a rough time of late. He’s a well meaning frog caught in the middle of two angry pigs.

Miss Piggy x MOSCHINO


Never to be outdone, Miss Piggy stuns in an attention stealing black and yellow skirt suit. Looking the effervescent picture of class and modern taste. Miss Piggy is the undisputed queen of the Muppets, which isn’t hard as the Muppets are a bit of a boy’s club. She may be feeling the heat a bit lately as there appears to be some new competition around.



Denise is the bouncy new pig on the scene. She appropriately wears a warning sign as a t-shirt. She’s still something of a mystery at the moment but it would appear that she treats Kermit with a little more respect than his previous squeeze.



Last but not least Beaker the cute mute. Beaker wheres an oversized shirt made to look like pop art detergent packaging. This may just suit Beaker quite well being the assistant to (and favourite test subject of) Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.


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