With their innovative technology, the Irish company LOVE & ROBOTS are creating incredibly COOL JEWELS, customising them in real time for customers. Resident ‘sparkle specialist’NATASHA SHERLING visits their new store on Dame Lane …


At the beginning of the summer we talked about Love & Robots, a great Irish startup producing graphic, personalised jewellery using 3-D print technology.

Jewellery and select homewares like coasters and clocks are designed online, but now for a limited time, customers can visit their store at 5 Dame Lane to take on the process themselves: iPads dotted around the store allow for real-time customisation; orders are often ready for collection within the hour.


To use technology to craft pieces in silver and gold (as well as wood, nylon and acrylic) in a matter of minutes is an incredible step; it points to exciting change and advancement in the world of luxury accessories and it’s exciting that Irish customers have a chance to be part of it in this one-of-a-kind Dublin store.


The octahedrons in gold are clearly the sophisticated way to go, but we also love the potential for silly, fun and bold phrases to be spelled out in bright acrylic colours and hung from a silver chain to make for the perfect present for a best friend or sister.

Natasha Sherling