The biggest trend for 2015: Personalization
07 Feb 2015


We at Love & Robots talk a lot about personalization, as we think it's the future of retail. So we did some research to see what other options are out there for you, if you want to customize your life!

Coke launched their “Share a Coke with…” campaign in mid-2013 and they had people running into shops to find their name on a bottle. They encouraged photo-taking, they encouraged sharing, and bobs your uncle – oodles of free advertising for Coke on social media! There was a bit of backlash from anyone with a name that’s out of the ordinary, but Coke were a step ahead: they created an online tool to let anyone with an unusual name order their own personalized glass bottle of coke. I tested it out, and they let you mess around with how it looks on the diet, zero and original bottles, as well as letting you create wallpapers for your phone or tablet.

Customized coke bottle with unusual name

Virtual Coke: For those of us with unusual names.

But now you don’t just have to look at Coke to see personalization. What began as a marketing campaign for a soft drinks company has now been taken on by a number of companies and is set to be the biggest trend of the year.

No longer just for marketing

And it’s also happening in tech. Jony Ives mentions personalization numerous times in his video on the Apple Watch, indicating it was a central theme when designing the new must-have wearable. It is set to be released in April 2015 and will be available in 2 sizes, 6 different finishes, 6 wrist-bands and 11 different interfaces, with presumably more to come as the software is expanded, updated and becomes customizable. Of course, you could always customize Apple products – switching up hard disk and solid-state drives, adding memory, etc, but this is the first time Apple have consciously made the choices so visible on the outside of their products.


Customizable apple watchAbove: Personalizable Apple Watch

 Customizable project ara smart phoneAbove: Google's totally customizable smartphone, Project Ara.


In the Fashion World

Personalized jewellery used to be relegated to little girls in floral print dresses, but with the rise of fashion-conscious Sex and the City in the naughties, we saw that the oh-so-enviable wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw included her “Carrie” necklace. Now that it’s back on the radar, the reborn name necklace has taken on a life of its own with celebrities donning their children’s names, from Christina Applegate to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Personalized Carrie name necklace

 Carrie Bradshaw: bringing back the name necklace

Personalized Baby name necklace Sadie Christina Applegate

Above: Christina Applegate has her daughter’s name Sadie around her neck

Personalized baby name necklace on Kate Middleton

Personalized baby name necklace on Duchess of Cambridge

  Above: The Duchess of Cambridge’s personalized necklace, with her son’s full name, and a little “W” charm for her husband!

Customized monogrammed necklace Sandra Bullock

 Above: Sandra Bullock wears her childrens’ initials

Customizded monogram necklace on Taylor Swift

Above: Taylor Swift has a stylized TS monogram necklace

Customized monogram necklace on Blake Liveley

 Above: Blake Lively wears a monogrammed disc necklace

 silver personalized necklace

Above: Love & Robots personalized textlace in sterling silver


gold personalied necklaceAbove: Love & Robots personalized textlace in gold-plated brass

You can get your own name necklace at


On the Spot Personalization

During Fashion Week, and Vogue’s Fashion night out, we saw shops exhibiting a number of personalizable items, such as H&M’s monogram tote bag and Office’s shoes, actually personalized in store on the spot by celebrity Tattoo artist Adam Claridge.

Custom Fahion Week tote bag

Above: H&M’s personalized tote bag for Vogue’s Fashion Night out

Office custom shoes Adam Claridge

Above: Office shoes, personalized by celebrity Tattoo artist Adam Claridge for Vogue’s Fashion Night out.


Here to Stay

Personalization in fashion is definitely here to stay for the moment. From the monogrammable Burberry blanket to the Cambridge satchel to Prada’s shoes, you can literally go head-to-go personalized! And as Reese Witherspoon says: “My rule is: if it’s not moving, monogram it!”

Customized Burberry Blanket

 Above: Monogrammed Burberry Blanket

Personalized burberry blankets on Celebrities

Above: Celebs and their monogrammed blankets

Customized Burberry Blanket SJP

Above: SJP strikes again

Personalized Prada Shoes

 Above: Personalizable Prada shoes

 Customized Cambridge satchelPersonalized Leather Cambridge SatchelAbove: The Cambridge Satchel Company

Reese Witherspoon custom monogram bag

Above: Reese Witherspoon & her monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag

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