3D Printing Press
29 May 2015

Welcome to this weeks 3D Printing press! Here you’ll find a round-up of this weeks latest and greatest 3D printing news from around the globe.

We’re heading into the June bank holiday weekend and this week we’re loving all things design & bicycles!

Solid - Titanium 3D Printed Bike

Solid Bicycle

The Solid bicycle by Portland, Ore. based Industry offers us an insight into the future of manufacturing. It signals the end of mass produced ‘one size fits all’ and ushers in the era of products custom made for each individual customer. The frame of the bike is 3D printed from titanium and includes internal routing for cables and brake lines giving the design a seamless, aerodynamic appearance. It isn’t a product to be sold, rather a project to help Industry realise the future of design and manufacturing.

“The future is about bringing ‘personal’ back to the service,” stated Industry co-founder Oved Valadez. Instead of buying something in size small, medium or large, you’ll buy it in “size me”, he said. The approach will apply to footwear, bicycles, cars and more, he predicted. “You’ll scan yourself with your phone, and it’ll give you a recommendation about what your perfect size is.”

No more uncomfortable shoes, let the countdown begin!

Breaking Cycling Records

City Road Club Hull  V718 10m TT - Andy Vs Wiggo

Bike’s again! The one-hour world cycling record was set several weeks ago by Alex Dowsett from the UK. He managed to bike an incredible 52.937 km (32.894 miles) in just one hour, beating the previous record of 52.491 km set in February by Swiss cyclist Rohan Dennis. Next month, another Briton by the name of Bradley Wiggins will attempt to “shatter” Dowsett’s record with the help of a special 3D printed design. One of the unique features of Wiggins’ bike is a set of custom titanium handlebars which have been 3D printed to the exact shape of his forearms, allowing for aerodynamics that would not have been possible otherwise.

We are starting to see the custom and personalised aspect of 3D printing’s capabilities more and more in the news, gradually shifting towards a world where all products will be custom made to order. Whether it’s breaking records in sports, shoes made to perfectly fit the contours of any individual's foot or having a one of a kind phone case, we like where this is going!

3D Printed Bicycle Coffee Cup Holder

Bicycle cup holder

We love our bikes and we also love our artisan coffee and tea. So we’re on the hunt for the perfect bicycle-coffee-cup-holder. We think 3d printing is perfect for creating custom coffee-cup holders. There are already some beautiful 3d printed coffee-holder designs out there, but we have yet to find one which will also clip on to a bike… If you know of anyone who makes cool ones, let us know! Pink Mesh Cup Holder




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