Beautiful Things You Can Make in Origami
30 May 2015

The iconic shape of Origami is undoubtedly the Japanese Crane. However, we wanted to have a look at what other shapes out there might be overlooked and underrated. Need a new hobby? It’s harder than it looks!

Origami_crane wikipediaAbove: Origami Crane (Image source: Wikipedia)

The Fox


Above: Origami Fox (Image source:

The fox has become a popular emblem in fashion recently, especially when it comes to patterns. There are a few different origami fox folding patterns, but we love this one - simple, yet evocative.

The Carambola

Origami Carambola

A collection of colourful carambola flowers (Image source: Wikipedia)

The most popular origami shapes tend to be animals, however there are some other truly beautiful shapes which can be made in origami as well, such as the carambola. While it may look like a flower, it is an interpretation of a starfruit. Who knew fruit could look so pretty?

The Elephant


Above: Japanese Origami Elephant made from American Dollar Bill (source: The Dollar Origami App)

This is particularly interesting because of the reappropriation in western culture. In Japan, the elephant is the symbol of strength. In Japanese Buddhism the elephant is used in the representation of Unity of Opposites. The god Ganesh is often depicted with an elephant head. While in the United States, the elephant is synonymous with the Republican party (while the Democratic symbol is a donkey). The meeting of eastern & western culture is nowhere better seen than in the trend of creating origami elephants out of american dollar bills.

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