James Joyce: Fashion Icon
27 May 2015

James Joyce 1.1Illustrations by Kate Hynes

Edwardian dress has really made a comeback in the past few years (seriously), and the annual celebration of the Joycean Bloomsday is only helping make it even bigger. Every June, fans of the style don boater hats, round glasses, sometimes even an eye-patch and follow Leopold Bloom’s journey through Dublin. These days it’s easier than ever to dress Edwardian with the trend of tweed jackets & soft workers’ shirts.

Another part of the comeback we love here at Love & Robots is the return of the bow tie. We think that James Joyce, already a big fan of wearing bow ties himself, would have liked our design for The Joyce bow tie. He utilized many narrative styles in Ulysses, the most prominent of which was his ‘Stream of Consciousness’ style. This literary style is mirrored in the design, with all of the lines converging & diverging, connected and yet separate, like thoughts. Plus, we think he looks fab in it.

James Joyce 1.2

With Bloomsday fast approaching (June 16th), now is the perfect time to pick yourself up a Jolly Jimmy Joycean bow tie - check out ours at


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