Robots for Yes!
19 May 2015

To show our support for marriage equality in next week’s referendum in Ireland, we recreated our heart logo to show two hearts coming together with the equality symbol in the centre. Our message is simple: Love is love.


We hope that all of our visitors feel the same way about marriage equality as we do, but we understand that a lot of people across the country are still undecided and have concerns about the upcoming referendum. For this reason, we’d like to let you know about these information sources we hope will make the whole thing clearer.

You can read exactly what the proposed changes are at the official referendum commission’s website here:


The Referendum Commissioner also answered a number of questions that have arisen around the referendum, such as issues about adoption and surrogacy (spoiler alert: they’re not affected by this referendum!). You can read the full answers for yourself here:

The last thing we would like to leave you with is some necklaces we created in the office here to show our support for marriage equality: YES!

Yes Textlace   

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Best wishes from the Love & Robots Team.