Selfridges x CampusLondon x Love & Robots
19 May 2015


We are thrilled to be participating in an event at Selfridges this week on the 20th of May. The event will showcase Love & Robots as part of Campus London's Selfridges WorkIt! Series.

Selfridges is putting on a month-and-a-half long exhibition called Work it! It's about the future of work, from the death of the '9 t0 5' to innovations in technology. With a programme of pioneering talks and workshops, it is an exploration of the shifting work-life landscape, life-enhancing product launches and inspiring beauty experiences.

Google is getting involved as a partner with the 21st being managed by Google for Work, and on the 20th is Campus London - a day dedicated to entrepreneurs and technology.  We fall under the schedule for "Inspirational Ways of Working". A number of startups from the tech community will be speaking and demoing on the topic. Other startups featured are We Are PopUp,, Brothers We Stand, Zencard, Fashercise and Love & Robots.

On a sidenote, we also love Selfridges' designs for their new window displays illustrating the theme WorkIt. Here is one we especially fond of - Labour of Love… there is something Love&Robots-esque about it!:


You can see all of them here:


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Best wishes from the Love & Robots Team.