Top 5 Bowtie Wearers
24 May 2015

1. James Bond


From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, no list would be complete without the famous MI6 secret agent 007. The classic tuxedo & bow tie combo is a staple of Bond’s wardrobe, and although the tux has seen several changes with colours and styles over the years, the bow tie has always been a central part. It resembles the confidence of the character in any situation, whether it’s chatting up his latest “Bond Girl”, playing a game of cards or taking down a master villain set on taking over the world. The Bond take on the bow tie is the highest end of men’s fashion, mixed in with suits and tuxedos, it gives us just another reason to envy the world's most famous secret agent.


2. Indiana Jones


He’s a historian out to save the world, whether from Nazi’s or the Soviet Union, preventing mystical Arks and ancient holy stones from falling into the wrong hands. But the famous archaeologist also needed to have a day job. As Professor Jones he wore an outfit of a tweed jacket and a wool challis bow tie. Although not the most common of bow ties, it suits the character brilliantly, showing off his uniqueness and adding another sense of coolness to his academic alter-ego. The style of the character goes against the norm of the 1940s & 50s and today he’d be positively hipster! It adds a boldness & shows off his sense of adventure and excitement. Perhaps if we took Indy as our idol there might be a bit more fortune and glory for us all.


3. Cat In The Hat


The most famous of the much loved Dr. Seuss characters, known mostly for his striped red and white top hat, the Cat in the Hat also wears a distinctive bright red bow tie. The bow tie is simple with floppy wide wings, which hang loosely down. It shows off the fun, creative and approachable side to the Cat. He may have ruined Moms dress but he showed us how to have fun, in a bright simple way.


4. Doctor Who (Matt Smith)


The most famous Doctor of all, the Time Lord whose name no ones knows: Doctor Who. Over the years there have been several different actors adopting different incarnations of the Doctor, with Matt Smith as the 11th. As part of his appearance, he dons a bow tie like a few before him, a central feature to his costume. The character found that “Bow ties are cool” and chose to continue wearing them throughout his time as the Doctor. It fits with his personality, as he is a quirky, energetic, but somewhat troubled character. Thanks to the popularity of Doctor Who, Matt Smith has managed to once again make the bow tie cool again, and sure if it’s good enough for a time travelling alien, who’s to say it isn’t good for us humans!


5. The Simpsons


Ok, this is technically not a single person, but we couldn’t leave out the Simpsons. Moe Syzslak, Krusty the Clown, Professor Frink and Waylon Smithers; these are just some of the characters who have embraced the bow tie. The bow tie’s diversity is shown off spectacularly through the different personas of a lowly bar man, an entertaining TV show host clown, an enthusiastic mad scientist and a gay personal assistant to an evil power plant owner! If there is one thing that The Simpsons can teach us in regards to bow ties, is that they are a part of a special blend that can just about fit with anyone.



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