10 Times Designers Used Lasercutting To Make Beautiful Signs
02 Jun 2015

Designers are always looking for amazing and new ways to make a statement.

Laser cutting has made its way into the design world in a big way. From signage to sculptures, designers are using laser cutting technology to their advantage to make some amazing design pieces that will catch your eye!

There are many advantages to laser cutting, it gives designers the ability to look sleek, modern and clean while getting a point across without overwhelming the audience. The designs become much more engaging with the laser cutter and gives the chance to be as precise as you want. Here are some of our favorite examples of the amazing ways designers and companies are using laser cutting!

1. Mathieu Lehanneur, Le LabGate


This French designer takes laser cutting to a new level. The design is abstract and elegant but catches the viewer's eye without distracting it. The geometric lines and typography, Lehanneur uses show how beautiful laser cutting can look when used in architecture.

2. Jim Sanborn, The A,A 

public sculpture

Located on the campus of the University of Houston, this piece took Sanborn a year to create. Composed of poems and novels from a number of different languages this piece can take anyone's breath away.

3. Shanghai World Signage, Trokia

green city

This is the featured signage created by Trokia used during The Shanghai World Expo, using laser cutting they achieved a modern and sleek look.

4. Cleveland Park El Paso, Texas


The designer of this laser cut piece also uses sunlight to not only convey a mood but create an amazing and powerful shadow for park goers! This is a great example of the playfulness that laser cutting can provide artists and viewers. This colorful installation is a lot of fun and showcases the flexibility of this new art medium.

5. Studio Blue, Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts


Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts in New York developed this wall with Studio Blue, a graphic design company, to assist the new dean in realizing her goals. Guests and students can gaze at the focal wall in the Visual Arts building on campus and appreciate this piece of art.

6. Ruedi Bauer, Metz Tourism

wayfering better pic

office de tourism

French designer Ruedi Bauer created this design in a series of signage he was creating for Metz, France. Bauer wanted to create a piece that would compliment the poetic feel of the town and while attracting visitors. The end result is enchanting and charming.

7. H Street, Washington D.C.

h street

Installed in Washington D.C, the sign is a stylized map of H street that has been rotated 90 degrees. The sign is another great combination of Graphic Art and Laser cutting.

8. Ziba Design Portland, Oregon


In the lobby of Ziba Design headquarters, you will find a  Laser cut installation of employees names hung by date hired. The piece showcases the Design company's style and personality.

9. Tree Gates, Heine Jones

tree gates

Located in Footscray, Australia Heine Jones designed gorgeous tree gates that display poetry using creative typography. The installment was is used as part of a streetscape redevelopment.

10. Sculpture Park Pathway, Gordon Young

sculpture park

When at Sculpture park in Yorkshire, England you will find a 100-meter pathway that has been laser cut with many names. The project was done as a fundraising venture where over 5,000 pay to get their names laser cut into the pathway.


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