100 Years of Fashion
16 Jun 2015


About 2 weeks ago lifestyle blog Mode brought out a video, 100 years of fashion in 2 minutes. The video shows a model standing in place while the team of stylists dresses her from head to toe, showing the highlights of trends from 1910’s to 2010’s. From jazz age sass to psychedelic 70’s, and big, bright 80’s and into today.

Although this video instantly went viral. this was not the first time something like this was done. During the past 5 years, quite a few videos about fashion history were made. Some details are different, but the main idea is still the same - to show how fashion styles have evolved during the past century in about 2-3 minutes. So take a look at our favourite ones!

100 years of style


Funky and interesting video, 100 Years of Style. In exactly 100 seconds, a dancing couple shows us how the styles have been changing in East London. Not only are they showing us the changes in fashion styles and clothing, but they are taking us through the history of dance as well.

Social evolution of fashion


In 2010, a couple of Brazilian fashion designers made this video, All fashion history in 140 seconds, to show how the culture of an era and the evolution of society have affected fashion between the 1920's and the 2000's.

Real people, real models


If you are interested in how people really looked like at the time, you might want to take a look at this video. Instead of recreating a look from the past, this video is a very good collection of photographs of actual people (some of them being famous models), taken at the certain point in history.

So, that’s our pick of the best history of fashion vids. Do you have other favourites? Let us know about them, or post them to our Facebook page!

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