3D Printing Press: DIY clothes, and shoes made to fit your feet
05 Jun 2015

This week we’re loving all this news about how we could use 3d printing for everyday wear.



The Electroloom which recently launched on Kickstarter is yet another first in 3D printing, allowing you - yes, you! - to print your own custom-designed clothes. The printer uses a technology called FGF (Field Guided Fabrication) to apply nano-fibers to a mould of the garment you wish to make.

“Our electrospinning process, dubbed Field Guided Fabrication, makes it possible for anyone with a small bit of CAD ability to design and create seamless fabric items on demand. We want to build a community and design ecosystem around this technology.” - Electroloom.

The material produced acts just like traditional fabric in the sense that it’s supple and soft, currently a blend of cotton and polyester. The real magic though is the cohesive, seamless property of the items produced allowing you to pull your new t-shirt out of the machine and hit the town immediately without having to sew it together. If you’ve got a spare four and a half grand lying around you can still catch an early-bird Electroloom Alpha from their Kickstarter campaign.

The exciting part is that this is just the beginning of this technology, and we’re not sure where this might go apart from up!

Shoes that fit your feet perfectly:

Foot ScannerFollowing on from 3D printed clothes, you can now complete your outfit with a set of 3D printed shoes that have been made just for you! Nanjing-based startup JiaoDuKeJi has developed a portable 3D scanner that scans your feet and in just 3 seconds, gathers all necessary data for a digital rendering. After selecting one out of the ten available shoe shapes, a custom-made pair of shoes is sent to you within three days, just in time for that party this weekend.

“They are made to fit your foot size, including foot length, width, foot bow shape, and the back of your feet. We call this in-depth customization.” explained Xu Chaoyi, Chief Advisor at JiaoDuKeJi.

“We want to use digital and 3D printing techniques to revolutionize this industry and provide fitting, comfortable shoes for everyone.” he added.

We love this - cobbler in a box!

All you need now is some 3D printed jewellery to complete your outfit. :)

RepRapPro Low-temp 3D Printer:



A little off topic for this week, but still cool, so we wanted to include it: eSUN and RepRapPro have teamed up recently to work on a project together involving two major future players; 3D printing and children! eSUN of innovative filament manufacturer fame and RepRapPro, maker of affordable and very capable 3D Printers, have been working on a low-temperature 3D printing kit for children in order to help generate a safe environment to teach children about the future of digital manufacturing. The new printer which was unveiled at the Chengdu World 3D Printing Technology Expo in China operates at an external nozzle temperature of just 70 degrees celsius, compared to a usual operating temperature of around 200 degrees celsius. The printer uses eSUN’s 4d-fila 3D printing filament which is made from PCL (Polycaprolactone), a biodegradable material widely used in the food and medical industries that becomes soft when the temperature rises above 60 degrees celsius. These are exciting times as the educational market in 3D printing continues to grow and introduce tomorrow's makers and designers to the future, and a very bright and custom future it will be!

Well, that’s all for now folks. More news next Friday, and til then, enjoy the weekend ahead!

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