5 Tiny Houses for 5 Types of People
29 Jun 2015

For the country-at-heart:

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, an American company, specializes in tiny trailers with impeccable southern design. The Cypress model, featured below, comes in three (albeit still small) sizes. Plus, you can customize the floor plan, exterior, and more!

12 sq meters (130 sq feet)
Bedrooms (2), bathroom, kitchen, storage closet
Sleeps 3

Tumbleweed - Cypress

For the efficiency guru:

Hong Kong architect Gary Chang lived with his two siblings and two parents in this tiny apartment for 30 years before achieving this comfortable, efficient design. It’s amazing how a full bar, bath, shower, kitchen, and more can expand into the room and be hidden away just as quickly. Check out the setup here.

32 sq meters (344 sq feet)
24 rooms/layouts
Sleeps 3-4 people

Hong Kong 24-Room Apartment1

For the sleepwalker:

Many of the tiny home designs we’ve seen have the lofted bedroom feature, but for those who sleepwalk or wake up to use the bathroom, this floor plan may be more suitable. Plus, the kitchen and living area gets more light towards the top of the building. See a video tour of the small Canadian house here.

~27 sq meters (288 sq feet)
Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, guest bed
Sleeps 2-3

Cube Collage

For the free spirit:

Lily Duval built this little house in New Zealand simply to have her own space, and it turned into a home every quirky cottage-lover dreams about. From the crammed wooden bookshelves to the antique knick-knacks, this space is not only utilized to the fullest, but designed and decorated beautifully. Click here to see more of this space (what little space there is).

14 sq meters (~151 sqft)
Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, library, living room
Sleeps 2

Cottage Collage

For the modern minimalist:

Designed on steel stilts near downtown Los Angeles, California, the Banyan Drive Treehouse is sleek and cool at every angle. Although perhaps cheating a bit with the outdoor shower, this tiny space has everything a modern-day bachelor would need.

~16 sq meters (170 sq feet)
Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, living room
Sleeps 2

Treehouse Collage

What do you guys think of these tiny homes? Which one would you live in?

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