Could This Be The Most Perfect Home Ever Designed?
01 Jun 2015

Yes! If you’re Swedish.


Swedish designers Tham & Videgard took architecture to the next level, using digital data and statistics to create a house.

Hailed as the house of 2 million clicks it couldn’t get any more approval nods out of the Swedish social welfare: spaces, sizes, number of rooms and prices were democratically indicated by basically a quarter of the whole Swedish population when they used a popular property website called Hemnet.

In a symbolic statement that speaks of what’s important in Sweden (and probably in life), the project resulted in this giant red box that you definitely won’t miss during your summer strolls in the Swedish forest. Classical yet futuristic, Hemnet Home could be your Scandinavian dream of design peace and furniture relaxation:

Below: Look at this living room. I imagine afternoon tea and endless talk of boats in here.


Below: Floor to ceiling windows. No privacy whatsoever, but honesty about the expensive furniture you can afford.


Below: Check out the room for bikes (they have feelings too).


Location, location, location.

villa karlsson tamm widegrd hansson2003 09vsters

For more information, inspiration or minimalistic daydreaming visit  or get these design coasters to give any home a Swedish touch, and as they would say in Sweden, Snygg!

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