Ernest Hemingway: American Rebel
18 Jun 2015

“Never go on trips with anyone you don’t love.” - Ernest Hemingway

The famous Nobel prize winner lived an active and fulfilled life divided between his native land of America, Europe and a little bit of Africa. Add a couple of conservative but well-educated parents, two world wars, four wives, journalistic skills and you’ve got a pretty good recipe for becoming Ernest yourself.

Ernest Hemingway

Edgy, specific, straightforward, different, and masculine. This is how both his writing and his personal style of dress were described by critics.

Being dressed in girl’s clothes as a little boy, which was usual at the time, he was often mistaken for his sister. As soon as he got out of skirts and away from home, he started building his own recognizable style that emphasized masculinity at its very base. The typical Hemingway look consisted of military khakis, hunting vests, flannel shirts, polo necks, trench coats and, of course, a full beard. He helped to establish the image of an American who rejected aristocratic notions of elegance; an unkempt artist who has the power to withstand the pressure to conform. Hemingway’s followers celebrate burliness, honesty, naturalness and integrity as opposed to the brutal ways of modern society. And their style reflects it too.

Ernest Hemingway

Inspired by his legacy we created the Hemingway bowtie. It has the dignity of a classic bowtie, but it’s certainly not conformist. Its solid shape might indicate seriousness at first, but the polka dots holes are pointing out entertaining and adventurous personality of the one wearing it. So pick your color, put your bow tie on, and start a trip with someone you love.

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