Sole-mates: Custom 3D Printed Insoles Made For Your Feet
16 Jun 2015

Life’s too short to wear uncomfortable shoes. As much as we agree with this, we’re sure everyone has had the chance to find THE pair of shoes. They are just perfect! The shape is beautiful, the color is exactly that shade of blue-green you love, even the shoelaces look cool. Then you try them on and the magic is gone. They are ridiculously uncomfortable!

Big shoes

“I think I might need the next size down?”

Insoles might be the solution to the discomfort problem. But can you imagine how awesome it would be if the insoles were made specifically for your feet? SOLS is the company that’s doing exactly this. They make personalized insoles for your shoes.


The process starts by capturing the person’s foot from three perspectives using special socks and a tablet app. These images are then measured with deep learning algorithms and computer vision techniques, enabling them to generate unique 3D impressions of the individual’s feet. After adding a few more adjustments, like weight, lifestyle, activity level and type of shoes you’re wearing, the 3D printing process can begin.


The result will apparently make walking, jumping, running, dancing, standing and pretty much anything you do, effortless. They are popular among sports professionals, such as NBA star Carmelo Anthony. But even if you are not the sporty type, this little techy add-on might make your life easier without taking away from your style.



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