Stylist Picks of the Week: The Tony Awards
21 Jun 2015

Tony Awards

These celebrities were dubbed “best dressed” of the red carpet for the Tony Awards earlier this month. We think a little Love & Robots would have made their looks even better!

Bowtie x Octa

Actors Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne

Our Pick for Bobby: Classic Bow Tie, in black

The bowtie would flawlessly accompany the bow-like features on the shoulders of Rose’s dress.

Our Pick for Rose: Octa Silver Earrings

The material of the earrings would accent the silver zipper of Byrne’s dress and their length would suit Rose’s shoulder-length bob well.

Silver Twist Necklace

Supermodel and reality TV star Kendall Jenner

Our Pick for Kendall: Twist Circular Silver Necklace

The back of Kendall’s dress is so eye-catching that the front goes a little unnoticed, but adding this necklace would draw the eye to the front and accent the shoes.

Helix Earrings

Supermodel Bella Hadid

Our Pick for Bella: Helix Earrings, in black or white

We think Bella would have made an even bigger statement if she continued the monochromatic theme with her jewelry, as well.

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