The Ultimate High-Tech Wedding
23 Jun 2015

Found the perfect wedding gift from our list of 10 great wedding gifts for techie couples and just waiting for the wedding? Well, here’s what you may have to look forward to when the techie couple’s day comes – 3d printed cake toppers, drone videography, and robot bartenders, to name a few.

The Knot Dream Wedding

Earlier this month, this couple was married in what some might say was the most high-tech wedding ever. The wedding was part of a contest called “The Knot: Dream Wedding,” where a winning couple’s wedding is planned using input from the couple and winning details chosen by the public.

At first glance, everything about this wedding screams elegance and beauty, with a view of the aisle and Sonoma, California vineyards in the background. Who would have guessed there would be robots and 3d printers just around the corner?


We love how this wedding integrated modern, high-tech elements into its traditional romantic theme. Here’s a breakdown of our favorite elements:

3d Printed Cake Toppers

Below: Look at these 3d printed cake toppers! Doob 3d, a company founded in Germany with pop-up shops in New York and Los Angeles, specializes in 3d printed replicas of everything from yourself to your dog! (We love their hashtag #getdoobed). Check out our blog post on “3d selfies” (Shapies!) for more companies venturing into the world of 3d replicas.

Cake Toppers

Robot Bartender

Below: One nontraditional element of this wedding was its choice of bartender – the Somabar. This machine acts as a veteran bartender, using an app to churn out customizable drink orders from a selection of around 300 recipes in just seconds. This machine would fit nicely in any wedding (or even kitchen counter) with its sleek design and ease of use.


Drone Videography

The couple used the work of Love & You, a cinematography company who hired drone photographer/videographer Jeff Foster to record their wedding with drones. Check out Dublin’s very own drone videography company Aerial Photography Ireland here for your own drone-friendly wedding!

Drone Wedding

Special Touches

The bride carried a beautiful bouquet down the aisle with a GoPro hidden in the flowers that live-streamed its video to the bride’s mother who was, unfortunately, unable to attend the wedding.

The bride and groom also wore wearables to track their heart rates throughout the day as well as 3d printed accessories (a bracelet for her, cufflinks for him and his groomsmen) from Makerbot. Here’s a screenshot of the 3d printer in action at the wedding:


This wedding successfully managed to implement the next big things in technology without distracting from its elegance and sophisticated design. Plus, it may have set a new precedent for techie couples everywhere.


High Tech Weddings - Love & Robots style!

Kate, one of Love & Robots’ founders went “techie” at her wedding, too! Though not 3d-printed like we saw before, their cake toppers were beautiful, laser-cut silhouettes of the couple. Plus, those 3d names you see were laser-cut, too!

Kate  Mick


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