Wearables Made Desirable: Smart Fashion Accessories
15 Jun 2015


From fitness trackers such as the Nike Fitbit to smartwatches such as the Apple Watch, wearable devices that provide users individualized computing have exploded in the market of smart technology. However, often what people identify as their problem is appearance; Nike’s Fitbit isn’t very flattering and the (non-edition) Apple Watch is nothing special. True, these devices provide much utility, but in today’s fashion-forward age, they don’t comply with all of our desires.

Two companies, Ringly and Christopher Grayson, have just entered the wearables market with a solution – stylish wearables (or what we think should be called “desirables”).


This ring, the new accessory from Ringly, notifies you when you receive a text from that special someone, have an incoming call from your mom, or even when your Uber driver arrives. You can choose between various vibration patterns and ring colors and can customize what exactly comes through via its app. We think the ring design alone is noteworthy!

Ringly-1Above: Ringly is available to buy on their website in 4 different stones: Black Onyx, Emerald, Pink Sapphire, and Moonstone. There is also a limited edition Platinum & Quartz ring.

Smart Jewel


Christopher Grayson created this multipurpose pendant called Smart Jewel to notify you of messages, emails, calendar events, etc. It has a thin display screen on the top as well as buttons on the back to control the screen and read the notifications. Smart Jewel is also fully customizable with regards to what notifications come through and how.

You can sign up for news on when they go on sale on their website. And if you’re in NYC, you can catch a look at a real-life Smart Jewel at the Lyons Wier Gallery all summer.

Smart-Jewel-Purse-ClipAbove: Smart Jewel can also be attached to a bag or belt.



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