Weekly Round-Up
19 Jun 2015

Welcome to the weekly roundup! Here you’ll find a round-up of this week's latest and greatest 3D printing news from around the globe...

SULI Solar Powered Light

SULI SOlar Powered Light

3D Printers: Vigilante manufacturers, or robot superheroes? We think it's the latter.

Unfortunately even in the times we live in, not everyone has the same opportunities and 1 in 7 people on this planet do not have access to readily available electricity. These people must resort to using kerosene or candles to provide them with light which leads to an estimated one million deaths each year due to fire and health issues stemming from toxins.

SULI, a Chilean based company set up by Ximena Munoz aims to make a dent in the 1.5 billion people held back from reaching their full potential with a unique lighting product that can serve a multitude of uses thanks to 3D printing.

“The light of the sun is everywhere, it belongs to all, but only a few have the means to transform it into usable energy for our daily life. SULI is a portable solar module that will change this reality, democratizing access to light for everybody.”

SULI can screw on to any PET bottle to transform it into a lamp, but that is only the beginning. Because it’s design is open source, it allows users to create and print their own modules and expand the usefulness of the light.

It is extremely efficient, utilizing three batteries to power a 25 lumen, high brilliance LED which can last up to 50 hours per charge. The typical charge time is between 6-12 hours depending on the amount of sunlight available, meaning that every day it can be charged in order to light up the night.

Check out their Indigogo campaign where you can help them reach their initial goal of providing a SULI for every household in the town of Boutin, Haiti.

Ringpet: Keep Your Pet Close To Hand


With opportunities in 3D printing growing at an incredibly fast pace and competition increasing in mainstream industry, more and more niche products are beginning to emerge. One such company is Ringpet, who will 3D print a ring with your favourite furry friend on top. By providing them with several pictures of your pet from different angles, the company stitches together a 3D model and then prints it in full colour using an SLS powder bed 3D printer.

“Today, we launch a brand new service called Ringpet. It is such a unique and fun service in which we produce a made to order customized ring of your pet, thanks to full-color 3D printing,” Yoshinobu Kakumura, founder of Ringpet explained.

Following on from the article where we covered Shapify’s 3D printed figurine selfie service, you can now keep a miniature version of yourself at home to keep your pet company and keep a miniature version of your pet on your finger to keep you company. Although it’s only a matter of time before your dog realises it’s not actually you and proceeds to tear up the furniture as he’s wont to do when you’re away; "damn it Rocco, not the good cushions!"

Exovite 3D Printed Casts

Exovite Casts

Arguably the only good thing to ever come out of broken bones is watching your cast become adorned with artwork from your marker-happy friends and family. The rest of the time is spent worrying about keeping your cast dry as you step into your arch enemy, the shower. It needn’t be that way anymore, thankfully, as 3D printing comes to the rescue yet again!

A Spanish company by the name of Exovite are developing 3D printed ‘splints’ that will take the place of traditional casts. By scanning the injured limb in three dimensions, Exovite are able to form a 3D printable model of a cast made to perfectly fit each individual's arm, and with the addition of an electro-stimulation module which reduces pain and enhances the bone fusion process healing time is reduced by a staggering 30%. The quality of life improvement whilst injured is the biggest benefit in our opinion, as the cast is aerated and removes the chances of itching and allergies, and cleaning yourself doesn’t seem like a bad idea anymore, hoorah!

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