Wes Anderson’s Milanese Designer Bar
28 Jun 2015

Wes Anderson

Facing withdrawals from the magnificent visual style of Wes Anderson? Fear not – take a trip to Milan to get a real-life glimpse into Anderson’s world (and some caffeine for your withdrawal while you’re at it). Bar Luce, a café designed by Wes Anderson, just opened in the Italian city, and…let’s just put it this way: it’s everything we imagined.

Below: An overview shot of the café. The combination of patterns and Anderson’s unique color palette are wonderful.

Cafe Overview

Below: When was the last time you saw a jukebox in a cafe? With these retro machines by its side, I don’t know whether to play pinball or watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou…or both.

Jukebox  Pinball

As I drink my latte and eat my croissant at my desk, I pretend I am instead sitting in Bar Luce, a Wes Anderson movie scene come to life.

Cafe Table

Below: You can really see Anderson’s love for symmetry with this bar design. And just look at that wallpaper! I can practically hear Gustave running around the Grand Budapest.

Bar Luce

For more on Anderson’s use of symmetry, check out this awesome video compilation by kogonada.

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