5 Eco-fabrics You Never Knew Existed
01 Jul 2015

More and more companies are exploring the area of eco-friendly fabrics and they are doing some pretty awesome stuff. They’re taking fashion production and design to a whole new level, and here are our picks for some of the more unusual resources they’ve used.

1. Milk


Fabric made of milk is (surprisingly!) not new. It was originally created in 1930’s, but now it is back. German biologist and designer Anke Domanske brought this technology back to life. She derived a completely natural and recyclable fiber from protein found in sour milk, made it into textile and named it Qmilch.  It’s said to feel very soft and silky, like real silk, only less expensive and more durable. Because of its high level of amino-acids it is naturally antibacterial and can regulate temperature, so it’s perfect for sports and activewear. But not only that - take a look at this gorgeous top.

The fact that in Germany alone 1.9 tonnes of raw milk is discarded every year means that this technology has quite a bright future.

2. Coffee


Do you need that morning shot of caffeine to start the day properly? How about after your first morning coffee - did it ever occur to you to spin your latte on a lathe and turn it into a skirt? Well, somebody already came up with this idea. The brand name is S.Cafe and they make fiber out of recycled coffee grinds. Apparently coffee grounds are very good in odor control, they protect against UV rays and enable the fabric to dry faster. Although they’ve been around for just short period of time some of the big names in the industry (like Puma, North Face and Timberland) are already using it.

3. Tea


If you are more of a tea person, you might prefer this one. Suzanne Lee is heading up a project called Biocouture and one of the things they did is creating fabric out of tea. It is made from bacteria that grows in kind of sweetened soup of green tea called kombucha. Once extracted and dried it becomes see-through material, similar to papyrus, but it can still be treated, dyed and molded to produce different effects and textures.

4. Corn


Nature Works is the company that produces fibre out of corn. The raw materials are made by fermenting sugar from corn. They are then turned into pellets that are converted into fabric with amazing features. It is wrinkle-proof and shrink-resistant, quite soft and shiny. It combines all the advantages of natural materials with the performance of synthetic fiber which makes it ideal for eco-minded fashionable  dress and shirt wearers.

5. Bamboo & Eucalyptus tree


Both trees are very good source of eco-friendly fabrics. The fiber is made by compressing the wooden portions of shoots and leaves and then soaking them into a mixture of water and enzymes to soften. After being dissolved and liquefied the fibres are combed and spun into yarn.  Bamboo textile is twice as soft as cotton and is very popular for making bed sheets and towels, but clothes there as well. Eucalyptus clothes are proven to be beneficial to people with sensitive skin due to its inherent natural moisture management qualities.

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