Amazingly Innovative Alternative Art Mediums
03 Jul 2015

Artists everywhere are always looking for new ways to make their art stand out and get noticed. With so many talented people art has changed from being not just about the skill of the artist but the medium they use. Lately, we have seen artists using different mediums to catch the viewers and eye and make you go “woah”. Here are some of our favorites!

Cristiam Ramos, Toothpaste

toothpaste toothpaste 3 toothpaste 2

You may think these paintings are made for the normal paint however, Ramos has created each one of these portraits with toothpaste. Ramos spends up to 200 hours on each minty fresh painting and uses between 20 to 30 tubes of toothpaste. Ramos most famous portrait has to be of Robin Williams. Ramos did this painting to honor the late actor who made everyone laugh. Ramos ended up auctioning off his masterpiece and donated all the proceeds to support those who are suffering from depression.

Erika Iris Simmons, Cassette Tapes

cassette cassette 2 cassette 3

Erika Iris Simmons is an artist who specialises in cassette tapes to make amazing portraits of celebrities. Simmons doesn’t use any pigments or paints when it comes to her portraits and only uses donated cassette tapes. We find these portraits innovative and amazing!

Scott Gundersen, Wine Corks

wine cork wine cork 2

Using thousands of used and recycled wine corks, Gundersen creates large-scale portraits. He starts out with a large scale photo that he fills up with corks. Each hue of the cork is taken into consideration to make the portrait looks as realistic as possible.

Hong Yi, Coffee Stains

Coffee coffee2

Shanghai-based artist Hong Yi only used the coffee stained bottom of a mug to create this beautiful portrait of Jay Chou a Taiwanese musician. Yi, says the medium proved to be tricky to work with, however, we think that this looks amazing!

Andrew Myers, Screws

screws screws 2

Using thousands of screws, Andrew Myers creates beautiful 3D portraits. Myers makes the piece 3D by screwing the screws at various depths to create an illusion of shadows and curves. He also uses oil paints to give the portrait the warmth that the screws could easily take away. Myers creates no less than masterpieces!

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