Reimagining Your Home: 6 Innovative Interior Design Ideas
16 Jul 2015

1. Penny/coin flooring


Pennies, or any coins, make a beautiful mosaic tile floor! They’re only worth 1-cent per coin, so your project will be much cheaper than it would be if you were using ceramic tile. Plus, the copper color of the coin and the variations from coin to coin make for a dynamic floor pattern. Learn more about penny floors here.

2. Wrapping paper wallpaper

wallpaper collage

Regular wallpaper can be so boring and limited in variety, but with the option to use wrapping paper on your walls, you have so many more choices. Also, it’s super easy to do yourself - one blogger did her wall with just wrapping paper (apparently costing $3), double-stick tape, and a box cutter. Check it out here.

3. Paint color samples coffee table

paint sample table top

Many of us are guilty of taking too many paint color samples from the hardware store in our quest for the perfect color for our “DIY” home renovation. They are, in fact, free, so why not use them for other DIY projects like this coffee table idea? All it takes are the right colors and an existing glass-topped table!

4. Easel TV stand

easel tv stand

Designer Vicente Wolf repurposed an oak easel on wheels into a beautiful - and movable - TV stand. Though this seems to be a slightly more complex project, it’s still a really unique and innovative idea for your home’s interior design. Check out one project here.

5. Rope stair rail

rope rail collage

A rope stair rail would be perfect for a seaside, rustic home design. In the picture below, you can see how the rope rail adds so much texture to the setting. We love the look, although let’s just say I would only use a rope rail when with a staircase - not a bridge.

6. Drum kit chandelier


Any music lover out there would love to have this as their chandelier - at least I know I would. Craftsman and welder Matt Ludwig of Ludwig Metals created the piece you see above for a Charlotte, North Carolina, USA restaurant...and it doesn’t look like it disappointed. Find more pictures of the drum kit project here.

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