Top 8 Covetable Things for Any Techie Traveller
21 Jul 2015

Here's our pick of some amazing gadgets to help the most intrepid among you. Before you ask, we left selfie stick off the list - if you want one, you know where to go.


  1. Olloclip


Olloclip is a mobile photo lens perfect for any traveler trying to catch amazing moments with the best pictures possible. You are able to pick from a variety of different lens from a Macro lens or if you are more of a selfie person yourself then a #Selfie lens to get that perfect snap chat abroad.


2. Wacaco Minipresso



Whether you’re hiking up mountain or canoeing down a river, this is ideal for any active coffee lover venturing into the great outdoors. Compact and convenient, without compromising on quality. We think we could get quite attached to this little gadget.


3. My Powerbag

Powerbag Briefcases
This perfect for any tech loving traveler, with the Powerbag you are able to charge your phone up to four times. Not to mention this bag is the perfect carry on size so you can charge your phone using your bag while waiting at a layover.


4. Millican Bags

millican-bags picnic hiking

Millican specialise in bags for the outdoors, and they look great. Room for your picnic, and a slot for your pickaxe, what more could you want? We especially love that they're all made using sustainable materials.   

5. WiFi and USB Cufflinks

Wifi and USB cufflinks

 Perfect when traveling for business are these WiFi and USB cufflinks that are not only techie but stylish as well. There is a mini WiFi router in one of the cufflinks for your own personal hot spot.  

6. Monoprice Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones

Drown out the loud plane rides with these noise cancelling headphones. Perfect for any long overnight plane ride. These will make any plane ride much more enjoyable.


7. Travel Door Alarm

Travel door alarm

 This alarm will give you peace of mind when travelling in different locations. The gadget is easy to use will wake you up if there is a intruder.   

8. Sigmo The Universal Translator

Sigmo translator

Going some place where you aren’t familiar with the language? Well then pick up sigmo, it can translate your voice in 25 different languages! While this product is still having all its kinks worked out it's still something to keep your eye on!

So that's our pick. What would you take away with you? Anything really cool that we missed? Let us know!


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