Smart House: 6 devices to make your home smart and beautiful
08 Jul 2015

1. Smart doorbell


SkyBell is a wifi-enabled doorbell with a wide-angle lens camera that alerts you on your phone whenever there is someone at the door. With its motion sensor, it will alert you even if the person doesn’t ring the doorbell! As the alert comes through the phone like a normal call, if you choose to accept, you can video chat with the visitor (even if you’re not at home). When comparing SkyBell to other smart doorbells, SkyBell has a much more desirable design.

2. Personalised Thermostat

Nest Thermostat1

Purchased by Google last year, Nest Labs, a home automation company, manufactures a “smart” thermostat. The Nest Thermostat is controlled by turning the circle or remotely through an app, allowing you to cool down/heat up your house when you’re away for when you get home. Also, the thermostat learns what temperatures you like to create a personalised schedule and can learn which temperatures are most efficient to cut down your energy bill. Plus, it looks much nicer on the wall than the typical boring white box.

3. Wireless Sound System


Listening to music while cooking dinner, chilling on the couch, working out, hosting a party, grilling outside, and more; has never been made this possible. With Sonos, a HiFi audio system, you can create “zones” of your house for music to be played - like your kitchen, your living room, your backyard. You can purchase the base component that hooks up to your WiFi and wireless speakers (of various sizes) that connect with the base and can then be placed in each room/”zone”. With an app on your phone, you can create playlists and designate which zones play which tracks at what times at what volume, etc.

4. Screen-less TV


Instead of nailing a fixture to your wall or purchasing a large-but-still-elegant entertainment unit, check out Sony’s 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector, a floor unit that projects high-definition picture onto any blank wall. The unit sits a few inches from the wall it projects to, and its modern design makes it look more like a clean table. The projected image can vary in size and content, from still pictures to normal videos/live television. There is something so chic about how the image blends seamlessly into the surrounding wall.

5. The Countertop

Orange Chef1

Orange Chef, a company based in San Francisco, has designed a sleek, unobtrusive scale called the Countertop that connects to your iPad/smart device to give you nutritious meals. As you’re making a meal using one of its recipes (or your own), you put the ingredients or container on the scale and tell the app what you’re adding and it will tell you where you stand regarding nutrition and a balanced meal. It also pairs with workout bands like Jawbone Up to recommend healthy post-workout recipes. Learn more about the Countertop here and watch a video of Ayesha Curry, wife of NBA star Stephen Curry, use it to prepare an egg soufflé here.

6. Robot Pet


Meet Jibo – the world’s first family robot. While we doubt a robot could take the place of your loyal furry companion, Jibo could take the place of your light switches, camera, hands-free notification system, personal assistant, nighttime storyteller, and more. Its simple, excellent, rotating design resembles that of Eve from Wall-E. This video of the talking robot shows Jibo’s features. Cute or just creepy? We can’t decide.

What do you guys think of these smart home devices? Which one do you need in your home?


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