William Butler Yeats: Classy Elegance
09 Jul 2015

“In dreams begins responsibility,” - William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats

Illustrations By Kate Hynes

One can easily say he was the most Irish poet of the 20th century. Although he lived in London during his childhood and a good part of his adulthood, he kept his cultural roots very strong. In fact, his early poetry has mostly been inspired by Irish legends and heroes, old ballads and songs. As he grew older, his writings followed, so the structure and dynamics of his poems have changed as well. They became more mature, more deliberated, focusing on spirituality and the philosophy of the contemporary society, politics and culture. It’s said that he was a very musical poet who sought the echo in the elegance of his rhymes, who tried to engage the whole complexity of life into his poetry.

William Butler Yeats Flatlay

He was extremely firm in adhering to his self-image as an artist, which led to many accusations of being an elitist. This might be true, but it greatly contributed to his greatness as well. Elitism could also be associated with his personal style. He would always wear a full suit, light in colours, but heavy in structure. Trousers, shirt, vest and jacket were all there, followed by an oversized self-tied bow tie, neat hair and small, round glasses on the tip of his nose. If the occasion was informal, the only thing that would change was the material of his suit to, for instance, corduroy.

Having in mind the elemental embroidery of his poems, his all-encompassing personality and his affinity towards unusual bow ties, we created our 3D printed Yeats bow tie.  With its delicate filigree like pattern and light design, it captures the essence of his creative being in a very subtle way. If you are classy, but creative, if you appreciate nice shape and elegancy - the Yeats bow tie might be just the right one for you.

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