The Best Times to Wear a Bowtie.
27 Aug 2015

So, its national bow tie day and incase you didn't notice we’re big fans of bow ties! (Why not take a look at our range of customisable bow ties here?)
As cool as bow ties are one thing that we tend to hear a lot from people is “When exactly is the right time to wear a bow tie?“ so with that in mind we’ve decided to share with you some of the more appropriate times to wear a bow tie and what way to go about it!

1. A wedding or formal occasion.
Wedding bow tie

If you're only just starting to dabble in wearing bow ties and you have a wedding or formal event coming up, then that could be a perfect time to try your hand at wearing a bow tie especially if you wear one with a favorite suit that you know you already look good in (confidence is everything when it comes to bow ties!). Chances are you’re going to see a few other bow tie wearers floating around too which can help you feel more at ease with wearing one for the first time yourself.
For black tie events you really can't go wrong with a black bow tie and tuxedo but you should bare in mind that adding a bit of colour to a formal outfit can help shake things up and add some excitement to things!

2. On a date.

Bow tie on a date

Trying to impress a potential partner can also be a great time to wear a bow tie, if the occasion is not too fancy and doesn't require you to wear a suit you could try wearing a sports jacket along with a bow tie. For a more laid back, yet still dapper look, a button up shirt with a vest with a bow tie, combined with your favourite pair of jeans can look like you’re dressing down a bit while still making an effort. The good thing about this situation is that the rules aren't too strict here offering you the opportunity to experiment with different colours and patterns and to really show off your personality.

3. At work.

Bow Tie at work


Wearing a Bow tie to work could potentially be a bit more tricky depending on how strict your workplace's dress code is, so you may want to hold off for a while so that you can gauge how appropriate it would be. If it seems like it would be alright then wearing one could be the perfect way to stand out from your co-workers. When starting off you may want to stay on the safe side and keep it to more toned down colours and patterns, stick with darker blues and greys with a less obvious patterns to them. When you've sussed out the general feeling towards bow ties in the office & built up your confidence, then maybe try branching out to louder styles.
(side note: it was near impossible to find a picture of someone wearing a bow tie in work who didn’t look very depressed. Make of that what you will!)

4. At church/religious service.

sweater with bow tie

So most religious & holiday services aren't really that fancy any more, but why miss out on the opportunity to bow tie it up?! If you don't want to go too far maybe throw on a v-neck or a sweater over a shirt along with your bow tie for a solid outfit that manages to be classy yet appropriate at the same time. You'll still have plenty of opportunities to get dressed up for the more special holidays. Black tie Christmas anyone? Very Downton Abbey.

5. Anytime you like!

Bow tie socially


To be honest there's nothing wrong with wearing a bow tie anytime you like, all that's needed is a little bit of confidence and the knowledge that you look good. If you feel that you can rock the bow tie look and it's not hurting anybody then go for it! Wearing a bow tie in your day to day life can make you appear more approachable and friendly, as well as be an excellent conversation piece especially with the range of patterns, colours and materials they come in! (Did somebody say wooden bowties!?)

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