Wearables made Desirable: Active Lifestyle Edition.
20 Aug 2015

Wearables these days more often than not tend to put novelty over design which unfortunately results in some clunkier looking (frankly often ugly) devices. We at L&R care a lot about design, which is why we previously did a piece all about Wearables made Desirable. And it was so popular that we decided to do another piece for people with active lifestyles! Are you someone who wants to go traveling while keeping an eye on your health and progress? If the answer is yes then this list is for you. Here, we have the best wearable tech that is designed to be a bit tougher, that's able to put up with a more rough and tumble lifestyle while still managing to be cool & sleek.

Fitbit Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR is on the upper end of the scale for trackers price wise, but for the extra investment you get a variety of features including twenty four seven heart rate monitoring , a calorie burn tracker, tracking of steps taken and distance traveled, sleep monitoring as well as real time stats and incoming caller ID when linked to a compatible smartphone. The charge HR is available in four different colours and accommodates most wrist sizes.
Cost: €150

OMsignal smart clothing

Omsignal biometric smartwear

Maybe you're the kind of person who doesn't want keep your advanced (potentially losable!) smart device on your wrist? Maybe you want to be a bit more low key about monitoring your fitness? If so it might be worth your time checking out some of the biometric shirts offered by OMsignal. The shirt (aided by a small black box unnoticably strapped to your left side) tracks all kinds of data like your heart rate, calories burned, steps taken as well as a breathing monitor. It’s machine washable and made of a moisture wicking material that helps to control your temperature during moments of intense cardiovascular activity. The shirts come in T-shirt, tank top and long sleeve designs.
Cost: €222 (including black box)



Pebble Steel Smartwatch

While being aimed at those with a more active lifestyle the Pebble Steel still maintains a professional look that won’t be out of place around the office or in a board meeting. Apart from looking great, the biggest draw of the Pebble Steel is its extensive battery life lasting an entire week with only one charging session. Being able to hold eight easily switchable apps and multiple styles of watch faces at a time the Pebble Steel can be customised to the user’s preferred function and style.
Cost: €180

Whistle Activity Tracker for Dogs


Who says wearable tech is just for people? Whistle is a tracker that is similar to the FitBit range of trackers but where it differs is that it is designed to be worn by dogs in order to allow their owners to monitor their activity. Its designed to be lightweight and almost unnoticeable to the dog it is attached to (But is still waterproof and bite-proof just in case!). It transmits data via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the owner’s smart device. Whistle can also be used to track medication doses & vaccinations, track daily nutrition (to avoid under/over feeding) as well as to keep tabs on long term health trends and detect changes in behavior that may require more immediate attention.
Cost: €89


sensoria fitness socks

Sensoria Smart Socks

The Sensoria Smart Socks are designed to assist in identifying and correcting running styles that may be harmful to athletes,  by using textile pressure sensors the socks can identify the landing pattern of the runners feet as they run and inform them if they are landing with the heel or ball of their foot. The socks can also monitor the cadence and step rate of the runner and can alert them when they are falling below the desired threshold. The accompanying magnetic anklets are super light (less than an ounce!) and connect to smart devices via Bluetooth or wi-fi. The socks are antimicrobial, have advanced moisture evaporation and are also machine washable.
Cost: €179

That's all the active wearable tech that really jumped out at us, what do you think? Is there anything you feel should be in here too? Let us know!

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