Love & Robots in the Sunday Business Post
24 Aug 2015

Love & Robots was featured in the Sunday Business Post yesterday in their special supplement on ID2015: Designing Our Future.

Love & Robots was interviewed by the amazing Lily Killeen. Check it out here:

Sunday Business Post Love & Robots

What's in a name? For interactive design brand Love and Robots, it's moniker represents the future of how we do business.  The company's name exhibits the interactivity between the deign and technology industries - a merging of disciplines that the design industry believes is becoming more important for business in Ireland and worldwide.

Established by sisters Emer, Kate & Aoibheann O'Daly, Love represents the creative aspect of the company and Robots represents the machines behind the physical products they produce.

The company uses 3d printing to allow customers to co-create accessories for their homes and wardrobe. According to Emer, customers customise the company's products online, in real time in their browsers. The online product range includes jewellery, bow ties, phone covers and coasters.

"With digital printing, everything is made through a digital file. We put that file online, so that you can play with products before they are manufactured. The customised file is then created and the product is made on demand for the customer and shipped out", Emer said.

In traditional commerce, brands mass produce a design of their choosing and ship them around the world in the hope that the product sells - the customer plays a passive role in the process. They take what they are given.

In the future, the customer will have a lot more power," said Emer. The power of personalisation has not escaped the bigger brands, with multinational sportswear firm Nike allowing customers to personalise products on it's website through it's Nike ID service.

"With digital manufacturing, you can do all of that before things are manufactured and you can do it at scale. In a few years time, it will be strange if you can't personalise products that you buy online," Emer said.

She believes the government-backed ID2015 is having a positive impact on the industry as a whole. I wish it was a five - or ten - year initiative rather than just one year" said Emer "it's no longer only bottom up, it is top down, someone is driving [the design industry] at the top level and that makes a difference."

ID2015 love & robots sunday business post front cover

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