16 Fashion Week Essentials Every Blogger Needs!
30 Sep 2015

Fashion Week is perhaps the most important time in a young (or experienced) fashion bloggers life. It is a time to see and be seen. Whether you’re an aspiring wannabe or a front row attendee these items must surely be on your #fashionweekessentials list.

Fashion week essentials

  • Expensive DSLR : For your visual diary and those downtown dinners #adventures #deets

  • Fresh New Haircut : Because you love your Every Day Waves   #IWokeUpLikeDis #LongHairDontCare

  • iPhone : You might not really need it but you couldn’t miss out on the Moschino cover #besties #follwmeonSnapchat #35kfollowers

  • Boyfriend Photographer : Nobody will ever see him, but he’s right there, behind the camera, dodging cab drivers while you’re in the middle of the road getting that picture taken #NoHashtagsForHim

  • ASOS Oversized Suede trench : Because you’re sponsored and get free stuff (or something) #ThankYouASOS #BlessedDressed

  • Ice Latte Moka Chai Macchiato Frappuccino : Because coffee is always a good idea and it completes the outfit #MorningsLikeThese #theusual #SpelledMyNameWrong

  • Valentino Purse : Nobody is really sure how you can afford all of this #NeverWithout #ootd

  • Invites To The Show : You made it. You finally moved up to the elite category of “Bloggers With The Invite" #NYFW #SS16 #LiveOnSnapChat

  • Passport : You didn’t choose this busy lifestyle, it chose you. #travelLife #AlwaysOnTheGo #jetSet

  • Prada Sunglasses : The final touch to your accessories is essential, regardless of the sun #SS15 #ICloakUpLikeThis

  • IceCream : You’re as cool as artisanal ice cream, and you’re proving that on Instagram  #Yum #SummerNeverEnds #MilanFashionWeek

  • Agenda SketchBook : You’ll still write stuff on your computer but a notebook will look amazing in your instagram feed! #Schedule #Exhausted #BusyDay #Vintage #OldSchool

  • Macbook pro : For serious blogging, facebooking and laptopping in general #Business #SoBusy #AlwaysWorking #GetWorkDone #CatchingUpOnEmails

  • Pure green cold pressed herbal therapy juice : To pair with all those ice creams and Sunday brunches #Healthy #Pure

  • Elle, Vogue & Forbes Magazines : For your Sunday reads in bed at the Peninsula Hotel #CatchingUpOnTheLatests #ChiaraVogueCover

  • Flowers : For yourself, obviously! #Paris #Obsession

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