IF FONTS WERE PEOPLE - find out what kind of font you are
17 Sep 2015

As any run of the mill designer knows, fonts have personalities just like people. Their appearance speaks volumes before they are even put into words. Take a look at what these fonts might look like if personified.

Luca Helvetica
Clean Swiss Hipster

HelveticaLuca never finds himself out of style. Born in 1957 to the Swiss designer Max Miedinger. He’s tall and thin however his weight may vary depending on when you catch him. He shuns decoration in favour of clear simplicity. A modern day chameleon, you’ll find him almost anywhere. He could be skulking underground aboard a New York Subway or flying overhead in an international PANAM flight.

Ms. Abelie Bodoni
Elegant Italian poser

BodoniAbelie is a modern (or Didone) woman. Born in the eighteenth century to the Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni. Full bodied and vivacious, she looks tremendous for her age. Something of a poser, she likes to set herself up somewhere where she’ll be on display. Be that in front of a coffee shop or in the headlines of a magazine. She never fails to bring a touch of class.

Mr.Frederick Times
Esteemed Intellectual

Times New RomanFrederick Times is a man in the know. He hasn’t missed a current affair beat since his beginnings in 1931. Which isn’t surprising as his birth was a direct request from the British newspaper The Times. A quiet intellectual, you won’t find him vying for your attention. He’s clean and clear and rarely misunderstood. A reliable man to have around when you’re looking to do some convincing.

Ronald the Comic-Sans
Crying Millennial Clown

Comic sansRonald the Comic Sans is a young and troubled entertainer who came into being in the mid nineties. As with most great entertainers, he is not afraid of a little controversy. Adored by children yet reviled by many, Ronald is known to have something of a sinister side, often showing up in places completely unsuitable for an entertainer of his kind. He’s been known to lurk around ‘Do not enter’ signs in toilet cubicles and on serious notices in Doctors offices. Once attempting to be taken seriously announcing the split and reformation of a Greek Government party!

What font would fit your personality? Create your own personalised textlace in a font of your choice here!

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