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07 Dec 2016

"To put a city in a book, to put the world on one sheet of paper -- maps are the most condensed humanized spaces of all...They make the landscape fit indoors, make us masters of sights we can't see and spaces we can't cover.”
Robert Harbison

Where we were born; the street we grew up on; the first foreign city we travelled to; the place we met someone special;. Our personal histories are intrinsically linked to a particular place and time. Using places and maps, we can navigate all of the significant events in our lifetimes.

This significance of place was the inspiration for our Map Collections.  In each of these ranges, you can personalise with maps.

The Map Necklace can be completely personalised to you and your favourite places on Earth. Each piece is 3D-printed according to the place you choose using our map tool.  You can zoom into any location with your mouse (or the +/- buttons) and click and drag to move across maps.



“Maps encourage boldness. They’re like cryptic love letters. They make anything seem possible.”
Mark Jenkins


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