New Beta Platform Launching
14 Mar 2016

Exciting news everyone! We are launching a brand new platform: L&R Shops. With us, anyone can set up a shopfront, select and customise a range of products and make money from the sale of their creations. We handle manufacture, packaging and shipping.  

The platform is in beta at the moment and will be invite-only, but anyone can apply to be a beta creator. We're starting off the test with our Textlace tool, where you can create a range of necklaces with any words, phrases, numbers or text.  Creators receive 20% of every sale made through their page. Love & Robots then takes care of all of the manufacturing, packaging and shipping.  

Right now the pages are simple, but we plan to use beta-testers' feedback to improve & grow the platform. If you're interested in taking part as a beta user, you can apply here

Here are a couple of beta testers we already have creating pieces on their pages. Check out their collections and get inspired!

Elaine Burke Silicon Republic


If you're interested in taking part as a beta user, you can apply here.

Shop Gifts Collection


We are currently not accepting orders through our website. But don't worry! You can still buy Love & Robots pieces through our stockists, all listed here.
We will continue completing any outstanding orders. If you need to contact us about an existing order, or you are interested in stocking Love & Robots, please email [email protected]

Best wishes from the Love & Robots Team.