New Windswept Collection Shaped by Weather & History
23 May 2016

Our new Windswept Collection is the world’s first range of jewellery created using weather data to create unique forms. Windswept uses historical weather statistics to gather wind data and blow it across a virtual cloth. Customers can choose any location in the world on any date in the last 50 years, and watch as the wind in that location changes the movement of the cloth. They can then pause it to create a uniquely draped piece of windswept jewellery.

Windswept cloth pendantWindswept gif

Play with a virtual cloth blowing in the wind and pause it to create a piece of jewellery.  Your unique piece of jewellery can then be custom made using 3d printing in sterling silver, 14k gold, 14k rose-gold, gold-plated & rose gold-plated brass. This is the first time that anyone has used virtual reality with real-world environmental factors to allow customers to play with jewellery in this way.


Wind cloth scene

So much of what we feel attached to, what we remember, is inextricably linked to a particular place & time. We wanted to realise that in a material way by  linking a particular date and place to a personalised piece of jewellery. We at Love & Robots are looking at how 3d printing will revolutionize the design and fashion industries. We look to create interactive experiential pieces where the customer is truly part of the creation process. For future products, we will explore more virtual materials, and ways of manipulating them in order to allow customers to create beautiful pieces of jewellery all with a personal touch.

Explore the entire Windswept Collection here:


Wind_Cloth_Gold Wind_Cloth_Rose_Gold Wind_Cloth_Silver



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