IF FONTS WERE PEOPLE 2 - Back by popular demand
14 Jul 2016

It's a well known fact that fonts have personalities just like people. If you missed our last blog post on the subject, you can check it out here. We've added a few more font favourites to the gang; Futura, the avant-garde artiste, Miss Vageena Moonchild DeRound, a corporate hippy, among others. Take a look for yourself and see what kind of font you are.

Ms. Lucinda Cooper-Black

Dynamic Diva


Ms. Lucinda Cooper-Black has flirted with the music industry since her beginnings back in 1921. In her day, this curvaceous diva was a true original, finding success among her contemporaries with her simple, friendly and bold personality. A classic who remains contemporary. Her illustrious career has spanned decades from working with the Beach Boys and Simon &Garfunkel in the Sixties, she continues to grace the records of young and innovative artists like Tyler the Creator and Odd Future.

Ludwig Futura

Avante Garde Artiste


Ludwig Futura is an innovator, who is not afraid to shake things up. Born between the wars around the creative environment of the Bauhaus, Germany. He puts an emphasis on efficiency and forwardness, rejecting the more decorative style which went before him in favour of simple bold angles and geometric shapes. Ludwig has had an extensive and ongoing career, finding success across various disciplines, including advertising, film and fashion. In fact, he was the darling of many an eccentric film director from Stanley Kubrick to Wes Anderson.

Miss. Vageena Moonchild Round

Corporate Hippy



Miss. Vageena Moonchild DeRound is a friendly face with a corporate edge. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, she was born back in the early 70’s to the wealthy motor manufacturing tycoon Volkswagen. Her soft edges lend a friendliness to messages that might otherwise be cold and corporate, this is where her power lies. She is a business lady in demand, having worked with such Fortune 500 companies as: T-Mobile, Apple and of course Volkswagon.

Donald Tr-Impact

Loud and Proud Exhibitionist


Donald Tr-Impact is a man with a purpose and that purpose is to get attention. Not afraid to share his opinion regardless of whether or not it's educated, you can guarantee that it will receive attention. That is his the beauty and his curse. Tr-impact is intended for headlines and display use rather than for the nitty gritty of detailed information. It's big, it's in our face and it can't be avoided.

What font would fit your personality? Create your own personalised textlace in a font of your choice here!

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