At Love & Robots, we believe that the products that you buy should be uniquely personal to you and your loved ones. With our tools you can personalise your products in a variety of fashions that add that extra personal touch to your jewellery and fashion accessories.

Windswept Range

A piece of cloth moving in the breeze, it falls, playfully curling, folding, undulating. Choose any location in the world and watch as the wind in that location changes the movement of the cloth. Pause it to create a uniquely draped piece of windswept jewellery.

Text Range

The Textlace tool offers you a multitude of options to create a truly unique and special name necklace. Textlace allows you to use numbers and some special characters such as "#", "@". It also offers a range of fonts, acrylics and precious metals.

Twist Range

Twist & Shout! personalise your own shape. Twist and bend your necklace, choose a material and colour and create an entirely unique twisted shape. Go for colourful, bright nylons or polished precious metals.


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