Introducing the world's first entirely 3d printed and customisable cape. Plumage is created using 3d printed chainmail with an upper layer of personalized feather components that together create a fluid, wearable fabric. The cape has over 6000 separate moving component parts that can be 3d printed all in one piece. Plumage was unveiled at Dutch Design Week in October 2015.



Contact * Price on application. The feathers of the cape are customisable on request
  • Dimensions
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Diameter of 485mm.
  • 3D Printed Nylon
  • Off White

Plumage is made from 6000 free-moving pieces of fine polyamide nylon and measures approximately 465mm in diameter. The material is hypoallergenic and very lightweight which makes it ideal for large pieces. The cape is composed of a 3d printed chainmail substructure with an upper layers of integrated feathers. All feathers are customisable and can be re-designed personally according to each wearer's style. Each cape is manufactured on-demand for each customer and finished by hand.

The Story

Plumage is a collaboration between design studio Love & Robots and costume designer Niamh Lunny created for ID2015, the year of Irish Design 2015. This collaboration looks at traditional costume and how it can be reinterpreted using new digital design and 3d printing technologies. It is an exploration of patterns in fabric such as knit and lace, as well as 3-dimensional structures and surfaces, and natural phenomena. The Plumage Cape is designed as 3d printed chainmail with and upper layer of feathers to create a fluid wearable fabric. The feathers are integrated with the chainmail but can move independently of each other - creating movement, visual interest, and fluidity within the material.

Love & Robots have previously experimented with 3d printing chainmail structures, as well as complex organic patterns. The Plumage Cape extends those explorations to construct a piece of clothing that has over 6000 moving component parts and can be 3d printed all in one piece.



Niamh Lunny

Niamh has designed costumes for The Abbey Theatre, ANU, The Performance Corporation, Fishamble Theatre Company and Rough Magic along with many other film, TV and theatre companies. She has designed sets and visual art for the Peacock Theatre, The Performance Corporation and The Big House Festival. After graduating from Limerick College of Art & Design she spent four years working in The Samuel Beckett Centre in Trinity College Dublin. Niamh is now Head of Costume at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin and staff nominee to the Board of Directors.

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