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Audrey Maher


2003 – 2007 BSc Product Design, Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton Street, Dublin 1.

2009 – 2010 Jewellery Manufacture and Repair, FETAC Level 5 at ETB, Baldolye.

2012 – 2015 Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Design Awards:
Awarded 2006 Student Enterprise Award.
Developed a business plan for the manufacture and distribution of a product in Ireland and internationally. Presented the product and business plan with team members at all Ireland final and won 1st prize.

Helmet Design
A helmet designed for a specific target market; Skateboarders. Project was entered into the Dyson Student Award 2006, and was short listed for the finals.



There are no creations here yet. Check back soon to see if Audrey Maher has submitted any designs.


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