Top 12 most incredible Burning Man Installations ever.

01 Sep 2015
The burning man festival held in the middle of the black rock desert in Nevada is famed for the crazy parties thrown there, the crazy people who attend and above all the crazy artistic installations that are built there each year.
Seeing as how Burning man 2015 kicked off this week we thought that we’d throw together a list of some of our favorite examples of art from burning man that have popped up over the years!
Fire of Fires Temple 2009
Fire of Fires TemplePhoto by Michael Holden

The fire of fires temple takes inspiration from Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian, American, and African cultures and centred around the element of fire. It contained 12 gas lamps that would create a tornado of fire when the temple was interacted with.

Black Rock City 2010
black rock cityPhoto by Kyle Harmon

The place where all of this takes place, Black Rock City appears each year at the start of the festival and disappears once the man has been burnt to the ground, made up of countless themed camps the desert is left in surprisingly clean condition each year when the festivities have ended.

Temple of Juno 2012

Temple of Juno
Photo via Loren Geller

The theme for burning man 2012 was fertility 2.0, the temples name comes from the Roman goddess of fertility and guardian of marriages. Before being burned on the last day the temple held an exhibition involving memorials and secret message from Festival goers.

The Thunderdome 2014
Photo from John Curley
Anybody a classic MadMax fan here? If you are then you’ll know exactly what’s supposed to happen in the ThunderDome, if you’re not then let us explain, two people are suspended in a dome with bungie cords, they then proceed to knock the stuffing out of each other with foam weapons. Who said Burning man is all about peace and love?

El Pulpo Mecanico 2011-2013

el pulpo

Photo by Jono Kane
A giant mechanical octopus that drives around the festival using up roughly 200 gallons of propane a night by firing flamethrowers into the air. Need we say more?

The Serpent Mother 2006
serpent mother
Photo by Tristan Savatier

It took a team of over 100 people to put together this 168 ft snake sculpture using advanced LED’s, propane design and integrative software.

The Burning Man 2013
The burning man
Photo by Teri Perticone

The end of the festival is signified each year by the burning of the man on the final night (usually!) There’s normally mixed feelings of joy and sadness in festival goers Joy in that they’ve taken part in a truly unique experience and sadness in that it’s over for another year.

Big Rig Jig 2006
Big Rig Jig
Photo by Eddie Codel

Constructed from two giant tanker trucks apparently balancing in the desert, festival goers are free (and somewhat encouraged!) to climb this installation.

Gon Kirin 2012
Gon Kirin
Photo by siberfi

Gon Kirin (Meaning Light Dragon) is a 69 ft, fire-breathing, LED lit, tail swinging dragon that is covered in LED’s which combined with the whole fire breathing thing makes it a really impressive sight day or night. Theres also seats all over the thing so its a comfy ride too!

Uchronian 2006
uchronianPhoto from

Created by belgian artists it was almost immediately dubbed the belgian waffle by festival goers, They regularly held electronic dance parties inside of it along with some really impressive neon light shows!

Nexicon portal 2013
Nexicon Portal
Photo by John Tupper
Standing 25 ft high and with a spinning ball of 30 lasers the nexicon portal looks visually intriguing during the day and just plain amazing during the night!

Boeing 747 installation 2015
Boeing 747
Photo from

Planning to be the biggest art car ever to move around the event grounds the group known as big imagination have stripped down and transported an entire drivable (yet not flyable!) boeing 747, it’s not too clear on how they’re going to go about driving the thing but there will more then likely be an abundance of pictures, videos and stories depicting it!

So those are just a few of our very favorite art installations, do you any of you burners have any suggestions that you feel belong on this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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